Thursday, May 31, 2012

welcome to my thoughts


SO.....this is my first public blog post ever and I feel very anxious and excited at the same time. For some reason there is so much pressure in knowing that someone else is going to judge your thoughts,your opinions and even your grammar (I am so happy that my handwriting isn't up for display).

When I thought of writing a blog I was told that one must be specific in the nature of one's blog. Choose either film or food or maintain a separate blog for your quirky ideas I was told. But I have decided to combine it all on this glorious platform because for me life is a tapestry that is woven with the many topics on my blog. FOOD FASHION FILMS LIT BOOKS are all bound together in one sensual experience named life and in this case MY LIFE on my blog ! So even though today I have nothing wise or witty to say, no clever anecdote to narrate, no poignant thought to share  or pertinent observation to make I know that in the future I keep reading !

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