Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 A chain of restaurants-this branch is tucked away next to the BSE and is difficult to spot unless you are looking for it. But it is worth hunting for especially if you are a vegetarian or looking for a place to make your regular watering hole .It has a bar attached to it  called the Bottle Bar and its Happy Hours are what I call Very-Happy-Hours because they are from 4pm to 10pm. They also have Ladies Night (Tuesdays)Karaoke Nights(Wednesdays) and Stand up Comedy Nights(Thursdays).

But now for Spices and Flavours itself.....

Florida Native Mr Sid is the man in charge and he with his gregarious personality makes you feel at home as he lovingly rattles of the favorites.

For Starters and Kebabs we had the following :-

1)Achari Paneer Tikka- One of their best dishes .You can taste the achari masala and the black sesame and kalonji it is coated with. It looks like the usual Tikka but it is so much better.
2)Afghani Mushroom Tikka-In a white yoghurt and almond marinade this kebab is so delicate that its almost like a pallate-cleanser itself.
3) Gulnari Seekh Kebab-I'm not a Seekh kebab fan but this was an unusual version with minced vegetable and a strong taste of cardamom

4)Paneer Satay- Cubes of soft paneer engulfed with hot garlic sauce. Inauthentic to Satay's flavors but who the heck cares when it tastes so damn good.
5)Open Cheezy Roomaly Roti-A crispy wok looking dish-i have had this dish in other restaurants but this one is so cheezy and crisp that it is worth eating here.
6)Panki-My least favorite item this lunch because honestly I have tasted the one at Swati and nothing compares. Their chutney here is worth a mention and goes very well with the kebabs.
7)Mediterranean Mushroom and Spinach with Salsa.Mushroom stuffed with spinach. This dish is yummy and served with salsa. Hungry Critic Suggestion-ask for the shezuan garlic sauce and have it with that. YUM

We saw our neighbors (a gaggle of college girls) order the Nachos and Flavored Cheese Bread ( 3 cheeses melted on a French Baguette and we wished we were cows with four stomachs each to accommodate it but Alas we have kept that for next time.

We ordered two mocktails (it was noon and too early to start drinking according to me)

8)Guava Goodness-Sweet with a spicy kick almost like a Guava Mary
9) Strawberry Margerita-Refreshing

Since we were stuffed by then we decided to order fewer dishes of main course

10)Dal Makhini-This version passes my Dal Makhini Test i have high standards for this dish)...More buttery then creamy this dal is 10/10 on the taste factor. Have with steamed rice and levitate to heaven.
11)Sabzi Mumbai Chilly-Elclectic veggies in a red curry I have never had anywhere else
12)Dum Aloo Punjabi-unlike its Kashmiri Cousin this one has no dry fruits as a stuffing and instead is made with whole baby potatoes
13)Paneer Trushya-The most interesting dish ever. Succulent Paneer in three different sauces all married together for one amazing Menage-Gravy!
14)Dal Khichdi-light and a favorite for people on their lunch break

We met the talented young Chef Vikas Dhobal who has been with the parent company for 9 years.

We couldn't eat the dessert but saw our neighboring table-a man just on his lunch break from the nearby SBI building savoring his Malai Malpua and then order a Moong dal Shiro....

The proof is in the pudding. Come here to be surprised.
Oh and the prices are super reasonable too.


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