Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sassy Spoon

After a long time I went to a new restaurant that impressed me so much.
I had heard mixed reviews about this place and finally decided to give it a try. The decor is beeyootiful ! Fresh, chic and pretty - with its high ceiling and happy colors, it sets the mood.

There were so many things I liked on the menu but I have only one stomach alas and so am writing about what I had but also have made a list for next time 

My aunt ordered the Smoked Bacon and corn soup - which was delicate and creamy.

The Chicken Ceasers was excellent too but it was a regular salad with no twist to it . 

I had the Roasted Pumpkin salad with tahini dressing and green chillie "thecha" - the pumpkin is in two forms -thin crispy slices and is in sweet caramalized chunks too , tossed with lettuce and pairs well with the nutty dressing. The garlic- chillie topping just gives it that kick it needs.

Main course was : 

BrownRice Paella- great flavors but if ur a traditional Paella connoisseur then avoid this dish because it seems more Goan than Spanish

Soy Bobbote- a layer of Soy Bolognese topped with sweet paprika and garlic flavored rice. It was very very good ! 

Braised mushroom with Mac and 
cheese - flavored with garlic and scallion this dish has chunks of water chestnut which is distracting rather then adding something to the dish and for some reason this dish is supposed to have orange rind in it but didn't - for that I'm not complaining . In fact the dish was yummy so I shouldn't complain at all. 

Dessert was a decadent creamy Tiramisu with a sharp alcohol taste!

Special shout out to the staff who were attentive to my allergies and my ardent pleas for coffee even though their machine had broken down. They got me my cappuccino ( I don't know how) but the Maitre DI said he knew how important Caffejne fixes were 

The dishes here in this restaurant aren't the usual ones you find in the other joints and though it's pricier than it's peers the ambience and innovative menu justify it.

Next Time :

I intend to have the cocktails which looked very interesting . 

There is a section for Flatbreads and Pois  ( which is an adorable fat Goan hollow pita bread ) with fillings-looking forward to trying that . Also wanted to try White Onion and Scarmaroza soup. Oh well will just have to go back

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