Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Review : Silver Beach Cafe

Silver Cafe Beach is right near Sterling cinema and is beautifully decorated . The top floor is an ideal place for lazy brunch or a romantic dinner date. 

The menu at first glance seems extensive but when you go through it there are lots of over laps. 

Also I have no idea why the coffee sections contain teas and hot chocolate. Thats a BooBoo 

We decided to go in for a soup and 3 starters.

1) Mushroom cappuccino with cinnamon flavoring 
This was served a little tepid but the flavors were great and the dish was very filling. The accompanying cheese straws are fresh and yum 

2)Paprika and Jalepeno Fondue. 
The melted cheese was delicious and its served with lavash , potato wedges and vegetables . This would have been perfect but the potato wedges were too salty and had too much flavor of its own too be served with this dish as were the Sauted vegetables . I wish they had served baked/grilled or even plain boiled potatoes and vegetables.

3) Spinach and saffron risotto balls
This was nice but the spinach and saffron flavors either clashed or weren't that present and hence just tasted like plain risotto balls. It was served with salsa ( Italy meets Mexico ) - avoid it since it's super sweet

4) Paneer Sambal
Fried paneer tossed in a Sambal sauce. The most disappointing of the 4 dishes. It was sweet like ketchup and it seems jarring from the rest of the menu

Over all the place is beautiful. My egg allergy was handled with care and attention .This chain from the Burbs by Jitesh keshwani ( who was present and v attentive ) is averagely ok for South Mumbai standards since they need to compete with stalwarts like Indigo Deli,Lpq, 212 etc. The location in South Mumbai is not only higher in rent but also standards where the clientele either likes their Italian and Continental Gujjufied or very very authentic. The food tastes Suburban and Punjabified

Wish them the best of luck !!!

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