Saturday, June 2, 2012


Have decided to review a restaurant every Saturday  This one is a review of the Pali Village Cafe in Bandra.

 I went to Pali Village Cafe with two Friends whom I hadnt seen in a while. The venue for our Sisterhood reunion was perfect. The cafe reminds you of a New York City loft with its grungy walls and dark setting. On one wall old TCM movies are projected and soft jazz music permeates the space. I arrived after Ms. Dil-tastic ( Names are changed to maintain anonymity). I was seated by a very friendly Manager whom saw my fear off tripping in the dark and very kindly escorted me to the table. Whilst me and Ms. Diltastic caught up on two years of gossip we were given an assorted  basket of warm bread which was egg-less so I was assured and pretty darn yummy. Since I have a fatal allergy to egg I am always over cautious about ordering food in a restaurant and PVC made their chef come and talk to me personally and help me out with my food options. For the care and service itself I would surely would have gone to the restaurant again but the food was excellent too !

For starters we shared a plate of Aubergine rolls with minced mushrooms and asparagus with a tomato sauce. This delightful morsel is heaven on a toothpick and we gobbled it greedily before Ms Babli came in (30 mins late of course). As soon as she entered everyone ordered their main course. I ordered a Jalepeno and Red pepper Hummus, Ms Diltastic ordered a Chicken Breast with red wine sauce(these actors r always on a diet) and Ms. Babli ordered Fettuccine in pesto sauce. The hummus was very average and needed a splosh of olive oil and tahini, the Chicken was fabulous and the fettuccine was a bit overcooked and a little heavy but had great flavor.

We also ordered the oven-roasted potatoes (we had to return v unsavory mash potatoes). It was garlicky and had the distinct flavor of  fresh Rosemary just the way it is made in Italy. Overall it was a great evening.Bravo!

Overall I would LOVE  to go back here but just NOT order the mash potatoes again

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