Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lazy Saturday Review - Pure Sin

I am not a chocolate fan. I confess-I lack the female quality of being obsessed by this substance and hence I think my review of a chocolate shop should count for more since I am not a gourmand but a gourmet as far as chocolate is concerned

I was welcomed by Mr Sanjay Shah into the tiny shop which he describes as a "Parlour" to savor the chocolates. Whilst I sampled the delicacies Sanjay passionately spoke about each chocolate almost as a parent describes each child of his.The shop policy is not only do they allow tasting they encourage it.
The names of these creations are rather peculiar but suit the little pieces of art that have been created...

The menu has an array of amazing flavors-they combine the usual favorites with some pretty unusual fillings. Everything that you usually find in a chocolatier is given a twist. Sure they have Almond Rocks but they also have a chocolate called Karma which is caramel covered almond rocks. Their Dark Mint Rises chocolate has a soft white center and their Tangerine Tango has real orange peel. The chocolate itself is a mix of dark and milk and isn't sweet nor bitter.

Other unusual pieces were U Crack Me Up which was a center of crushed biscuit and caramel dust covered in gooey chocolate. Chinoz in Brown is a cinnamon and coffee bon-bon. They have 2 cookie centered chocolates - Roses are Brown and Cherry which have subtle flavors and great textures.

My Favorites however were as follows

Days of Hazel -Creamy Hazelnut truffles
Charlie Brown-Home made Peanut butter Bon Bons
berry D'Cheez -Strawberry Cheesecake inspired chocolates...

They are a 100 per cent egg-less and they take custom orders for boxes. It's true what they say- Good things come in small packages...

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