Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lazy Saturday Review :Ankur

You had me at Sol Kadhi!!!

In the tiny  streets of Flora Fountain Ankur is tucked away like a prize one must earn or a treasure one must hunt for.

I walked into Ankur as a skeptical vegetarian. I was with a hard core seafood lover(a certain Mr VV) and i expected to be repulsed with aroma of fish and the sight of sealife carcasses. But to my absolute pleasure I instead came across a very neat and welcoming restaurant where the only Aromas were those of the many spices tantalizing one to come in and enjoy the experience.

Mr Devdas who is the Man-In-Charge over there is a true foodie and a brilliant host and I would return to ANKUR to just have the pleasure to talk food with him. He made us start with the v spicy (1)Sol Kadhi which isn-t on the menu but available so ask for it. Then we tried 5 curry dishes each and they were made in non-veg for my friend. We had (2) Kerala Paneer/Prawn which is a dry dish with Curry leaves and turmeric(3)Potato/Prawn Coondipur which is a thick chillie and spice gravy (4)mutton /veg Karawali which is a coconut and red chillie curry which fiery and creamy at the same time(5) VegGhassi-this is a mild coconut gravy with potatoes and peas for the veg friend further had the(6) Crab Tikota which is the Ankur house specialty....He also had two types of dry fish preparations - Tekdi and Cochi....

These awesome curries were mopped up with delicate lace like Neer Dosas or Neer Tellis....

To end the meal (we ate LOT )...I Had the Orange kulfi and my friend had the caramel custard made by Mr Devdas's wife herself....

All in all I cant wait to go back-great service but FANTASTIC food

Personal recommendations- I still get dreams of the Sol Kadhi and the orange kulfi but the Coondapur and Karawalli curries made me stand up and clap my hands....heaven!

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