Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lazy Wednesday Lunch Review:Saffron Bay

Saffron Bay is a place we have all passed and just not noticed-but we should. Located in Chowpatty it offers a killer view and is a great spot for a meal or even drinks.It has Indian,Continental and Chinese food though they pride themselves on their Indian Menu.

Sunny the Bar Specialist greets you and offers to custom make you a cocktail or mocktail. We ordered the Coffee Martini and Masala Buttermilk.He even created a custom Jalepeno and Basil drink(not on the menu-ask for it) with us which is smooth with a sharp kick to it and waiter Surjeet served us with a 1000 watt smile. Chef Nirmal is a pleasure to talk to and after a long discussion over the menu and our options,the feast begins.
We had the Cream of mushroom Soup (excellent with real bits of mushroom) and a Manchow Soup.

For starters we had a Badal Bijlee salad-which was a fusion Indian salad with ingredients like babycorn,baby potatoes and zuchini. We had their adaptation of a Gado Gado salad which was called Goan feast Salad which gets its names because of the sausages in it.

For starters we were served 2 very tender chicken kebabs-Reshmi and Pahadi. We had an Indian Taco called the Papad Roll (truly innovative) which was again a fusion dish. We had very delicately flavored Broccoli Gulbahars and Paneer Achari Tikkas and ended the Shuruats with chicken Satays called Murg Batti served with mint chutney

I will take time here to mention the shezuan chutney they custom make which is an amazing accompaniment to the starters so please ask for it.

For main course we were inundated with Paneer Jaipuri(Cottage cheese chunks in a creamy tomato curry) and Subji Milap. We had Dal makhini and Kadai Macchi. If your are a dal makhani specialist then perhaps you will be disappointed with their version of it and this is my SOLE criticism of the place. We were served with the highlight dish called Komdi chi Karewan which was a very different dish as was the Jhinga aur Sabzi curry. To accompany these decadent creamy curries we had a light Roomali Roti, Methi Parathas,Pudina Parathas and my personal favorite the Garlic Naan.Saffron flavored rice was the end of our savory courses.

The dessert was an assorted platter of Kulfish which was dressed with an Orange Confit. Whilst it had the usual flavors of Malai and Kesar it also had a Paan flavored Kulfi which was delectable to say the least and a very unexpected surprise.

All in all-a good experiance!

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