Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lazy Saturday Review: Suzette (Nariman point)

As someone who is a pure vegetarian I am petrified of the idea of crepes. When I went to the Bandra branch I wAs turned away saying they couldn't risk my egg allergy but the branch in Nariman Point took it on as a personal challenge to help me out,

My friend ordered the Complete Crepe which is a Buckwheat crepe with ham Emmenthel cheese and eggs We then ordered a Champignon Crepe which is pan-seared mushroom and Scarmoroza cheese with tomato coulis. We had a Feta Croque which is a different pancake (new on their menu) with spinach and Feta cheese.

 We decided to have an Occitane salad which was refreshing and hearty and a great accompaniment to the decadent crepes.

The drinks and smoothies are lovely -We had a Watermelon and mint blend which was just the right remedy for a hot summer day or a muggy monsoon afternoon; A special shout out to the Apple Compote Yogurt Smoothie which is like liquid apple pie in a creamy (healthy) form. De-lish. They have mini salads too that looked good as well as an array of Dessert Crepes that as an Egg-Allergic person I couldn't try.(but i heard the Butella one is awesome)


Whilst they have great combinations in their crepes and salads they do offer you the option of making your own. I would recommend you order the Champignon and add Creamy spinach as a additional filling (and bacon also if your a non-veg)..Yummmmmmy!

Additional tip- It sounds weird but they have great mustard (It is a French establishment) which goes amazingly well with everything. Ask for it and Bon Apetit.

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