Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday Celebration Review : Umame

Today was the second time I visited Umame. I was an ardent fan of Joss and was broken-hearted when they shut and so was super excited when I heard  thatthe same management opened up Umame.

Umame serves Pan Asian cuisine and is the only place I actually like Sushi (great variety for vegetarians and carnivores alike!). Today though we started with soups-Asparagus Creamed Corn Soup and a Crab Hot and Sour soup (it has a much fancier name but it is the good old favorite). There were tender fresh green and white pieces of non-tinned asparagus and the corn was bursting with flavor and sweetness.. One could tell it had been cooked in a great stock

For starters we had the pork chops which were tender and well seasoned. The crab and pork both were good quality and didn't seem dodgy. We had the Sesame Soy Paneer which was a favorite at Joss and with its subtle smoky flavor doesn't either.We skipped the sushi and had the Pepper and Mushroom caps with Basil Cream fillings-delicious albeit ridiculously small as a portion with unevenly sized mushrooms .But the taste is worth it. The fourth starter was a huge let down. Having tried it the last time I was a huge fan and so ordered the Enoki Mushroom and Black fungus Dimsum. It was served tepid and the filling flavor was nothing to write home about. Even their Dimsum Sauce today was meh.

Speaking of sauces (since I am a hot sauce connoisseur)-a special mention to the chill oil and chill-garlic sauce on the table They are  really zesty and deep and compliment the food without changing its' taste.

Since we were stuffed with starters we just had the Balinese Curry (another Joss relic) which was as usual velvety and Coco-nutty with out being obvious or too ostentatious. We had piping hot steamed rice.They use Basmati ( hmmmmm for an upscale Asian restaurant that's not cool) but the curry made up for it. Our other dish was Burnt chill Glaze Broccoli,  Water chestnut and Baby corn(you can add tofu or mushrooms). It  was buzzing with it's aromatics and was yummy (though nothing to cartwheel about)

Umame has an amazing section of desserts and cocktails which I hope to sample soon. I've just tried the long Island Ice tea which was competent. Service was impeccable and a special shoutout to Mr Upendra who handled my egg-allergy and food photo.-obsession with sweetness. Kudos !

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