Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Review : Formaggio

I hate writing bad reviews for restaurants. As a former caterer I know the sweat and blood that goes into food service and how heart breaking someone's disapproval can mean to you when you've slaved over a dish. But I hate shoddy restaurants with careless attitudes and service even more. If you are Formaggio fan please realise this was based on my lunch visit there and I hope for their sake it was a very bad day for them and not business as usual.

I saw the ad for Formaggio on Zomato and was very excited (i Had even put it on my wishlist) since I am a vegetarian and live 10 minutes away. I went with my Bestie to celebrate her birthday and we entered the place very excitedly. We were seated upstairs since  a gaggle of very noisy teenagers had taken over the downstairs seating. The prices are very reasonable and the menu is very extensive. We sat upstairs and everything went wrong.

1)We started ordering food from a very ill-informed waiter who was not only our waiter for the whole lunch but he refused to let us speak to someone who knew better.

2) Most of their specialty lebanese dishes such as Phyllo cigars etc were not there.

3) We ordered :
a.Mushroom Soup- Salty and Tepid but nice flavor
b.Jalepeno Fritters- No excessive oil which was good but barely any taste of jalapenos
c.Beiruti Hummus with Zatar Bread-This was nice but we had 6 times ordered the Beiruti Hummus with mushrooms. The waiter said it would taste better with Zatar Bread but we insisted on the mushroom topping. But i guess he thought he knew better or there were no mushrooms and he didn't have the decency to tell us.
d.Primavera Fusili-was supposed to have spinach but none in our pasta
e.Paprika Baby potatoes-I liked them and cant complain. This dish was piping hot and the potatoes were well cooked.

4.In the middle of meal we had a furry companion-a mouse scurry around the floor. Our waiter was pretty complacent about this and refused to call the manager when we wanted to air our complaint..
A mouse in a kitchen makes for a great animated film but not in a restaurant. My logic is if there are mice in the seating area then what off the kitchen?
When our little critter's best friend joined us we decided to flee and had the waiter pack our food.

5. Our waiter packed just half our food and when i came home was aghast to see that he had sloppily just stuffed everything into random containers. So he had stuffed the pita and hommus in a long container (the same one so the pita was soggy) and he placed the saucy pasta in a flimsy aluminum foil case without the lid on and right under the other food.

6. When i was leaving I threw a fit and demanded to speak to someone in charge. Finally a man named Parvesh(who I REFUSE to believe was in charge) came and met me. He blankly nodded at my complaints and then gave me incorrect change. When i showed him he had given me wrong change he kept on harping with his bad maths and then finally realised that 1000 -877  was indeed 123 and not 56 (dont ask the logic)

To be very fair the taste of the food is not bad and prices are great  and i liked the music. Its been decorated in a very sweet way.

But between the rodents,lack of apology for rodents, careless service,lack of apology for careless service
Clueless staff and uninterested management makes me not only not recommend this restaurant but makes me want to warn people against them

So I do- BEWARE !

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