Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Friday Review : Asian Street Kitchen

Being a vegetarian I have been trying to get a table at AsK for a while and finally the Gods smiled on me and it was less busy.

A mix of Burmese Chinese Thai Japanese and Sri Lankan cuisine this restaurant falls into the trap of being vague and generic with it's fare

My server - a sprightly man named Clifton was a gem who met all my demands from customizing my spice levels to getting me alternate dipping sauces to taking care of my Gluten fobic sister.

We started with Mushroom dimsum ( 6 podgy and suspiciously buttery steamed dumplings) and a sautéed assorted Myshroom dry starter which was yum 

Our main course was a tres picante Pad Thaj that made me reminiscent of Jaya Thai in Manhattan

and this sizzler plate ( for two ppl) - which had potatoes n paneer on a bed of rice swamped wt a sweet and spicy sauce ( I believe no place in the Far East would take credit for it but hey some ppl like it)

All in all if you are a paranoid vegetarian then this place has great options for u - if your not then maybe not ! 

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