Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sugary Trinity Review 2/3:

 Despite staunchly sticking to my I hate Desserts policy I've decided to succumb to my sweet tooth and review what I call "the sugary trinity" in a 3 week series. So hang on to your insulin injections ....here goes.

Pure Sin is a tiny chocolate shop that now has many outlets in Mumbai. I first went to the one in Marine lines and fell in love with these chocolatey jewels but this time when I went to the Union Park branch I was amazed how the taste had become even better than I remembered it. The chocolate seemed to marry better with the flavors and they felt like designer chocolate bites.

I've loved their flavor names always - Days of Hazel ( still my favorite) - Mr and Mrs Brown-Dark mint rises- Karma etc

Their  new chocolates were amazing - white espresso which are white chocolates with a soft center of chocolate and suddenly u get hit with the coffee. The experience is so subtle and then intense that it's high on my must try desserts
I loved Tangerine Tango - chocolate and orange is always for me a very adult and Mature combination
Days of hazel - chocolate with a hazelnutty center.whats not to love 
Burnt Sugar cups are amazing - caramel n chocolate

The only thing I didn't enjoy was Hello Sunshine - which is a lemon chocolate. It just didn't work for me - the taste was more bitter n lacked the freshness of the fruit
I avoided the berry series because I'm not a fan. The dark mint rises I have mixed feelings about because whilst Pure Sin got the flavor right the filling seemed powdery.

I also highly recommend the Pure Sin circles which are chocolate covered circles and their almond rocks

Truely Pure sin


  1. Probably helps if u provide more details like web site of Pure Sin, ur views on Pricing, etc. After all, thats also a job of the critic, instead of letting the user do the google to find it all out...And it would be better if u can provide individual pics of Days of hazel, Hello Sunshine, etc right next to the text for it....


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