Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sugary Trinity Review 1/3: The Guilt Trip

Despite staunchly sticking to my I hate Desserts policy I've decided to succumb to my sweet tooth and review what I call "the sugary trinity" in a 3 week series. So hang on to your insulin injections ....here goes.

PART 1 : Guilt Trip

Located in Carter Road's Khao Gulley is a cake shop called Guilt Trip. It's not a cake shop actually - it's Cupcake Haven. When you open the door little angels sing as you look around and the displays of dozens of differently colored and flavored swirls of Cupcakes - each calling your name dot the shop. 

You greedily select one and sink you teeth into the buttercream frosting and taste the shiny feathery cake - and that time you wish sugar didn't have calories

Strawberry, Vanilla, Oreo , cookies and cream ,many different types if chocolate, and of course their most famous the two Red Velvets- one with buttercream icing and the Royal Red Velvet with a much richer cream cheese frosting.

They also have mini cupcakes available in a choice of 6 or 12 for people who want to try more flavors and these bite-sized jewels seemed to fly of the rack and into the hands of greedy teenagers

But Guilt trip is more than just cupcakes - they have cakes.pastries , rainbow colored Macaroons....their cheese cakes and Banoffee pie rivals many a dessert shop 

With way to much sugar in my bloodstream I have to however second Guilt Trip's claim of being the best Cupcake in town 

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