Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kiriths Patisserie

I am allergic to eggs and so all my life haven't been able to sample most fancy breads , cookies and desserts. My birthdays had a chocolate cake from the same woman from the age of 1 till I was 21. But now Mumbai has a burgeoning eggless dessert n bakery industry. However not everything is great - cakes n breads r doughey and cookies can come off as amateurish. Which is why when I heard of Kiriths I was a little skeptical - but when I looked at the menu I was super excited to see the options I had. 

I tried the red velvet cake since even though I've been in the business for over 10 years - it's still always had egg. But I finally got to have it . The cake sponge which is a mix from abroad apparently is soft and supple.

The best thing about their food is the chocolate . I stay away from all chocolate flavored things normally coz I'm not a fan but here I odied on the Chocolate Cookies and the double chocolate cookies ( even better) . The oat cookies r good too but chocoholic or not I would straight head for those bad boys. I was so impressed for the chocolate flavor that I ordered two chocolate pastries too- thd Mission Impossible and the intense chocolate. Which were amazing and surprisingly diff

Kiriths also has an extensive savory menu which I intend to explore when I have spare calories and it's super light on the pocket. 

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