Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tasty Tuesday Review.Elbo Room

I  had been hearing rave reviews of Elbo Room from various people for a while now and thought I would finally go and have a dekho. 5 secs off the avenue of  Linking road this restaurant is where the popular Chocolate Room was, Opened on 09.09.09 this restaurant has all the Indian,Mexican,Continental and Italian staples Mumbaikars seem to enjoy (nachos and hummus,oddly), The pub like decor is homey and quirky and service is attentive.

They have a great menu that includes a even includes a barbecue section and a breakfast section but be forewarned that the Tandoori section(and the grills) is available at dinner time only and I missed it entirely.The cocktail menu is very extensive and I tried the Rose Sangria (my current favorite drink) They have a good version so I was happy.

We started with some appetizers

(1) Mildly spiced Chicken Satay smothered in peanut sauce...this was excellent I am told

(2)Potato Wedges cooked in a balsamic and onion reduction served with a cheese sauce. I highly recommend this one.

(3)Roasted Red pepper Hummus - the only dish that let me down a bit but maybe The Elbo Rroom fans might disagree.

(4).Vegetarian Quesidilas (had egg so i couldnt try them0 were excellent but the salsa was too sweet.

(5)Chilly Chicken-Non oily and very aromatic. Thumps up

(6) Coriander Pesto  Grilled Mushroom- An interesting variation of flavor to it's placid Basil flavored cousin.

Our Mains 

(7) Chefs Special Pasta- Elbo Room's secret sauce which is worth plotting to uncover. The sauce to pasta proportion is generous and its served with crusty hot garlic bread.

(8) Paneer Lovers - Acottage cheese steak with a tomato sauce and corn salad. The dish was so pretty I almost didn't eat it so as not to ruin the presentation.

(9) Succulent Grilled Chicken  served with with perfectly sauteed french beans, red wine shallot sauce on a bed of feathery mashed potato, This dish looked so so good that I almost decided to eat non vegetarian food that day. Tres Magnifique.

Overall the food is very good and the menu is expansive. Cocktails and ambiance is great and the bill doesnt leave you with heartburn. Try it .... 

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