Monday, November 4, 2013

Memorable Monday Home Delivery Chops Away Style

Apologies for not having written in a month. The month was of fasting and feasting...shall try and recapture some of the feasts

Chinese food is a favorite of Indians. Whether your a puritan who only swears by his favorite joint in Shanghai or the Desi-Chinese junkie who will sit and eat at a "thela" in khao gully we all need our fix. Which is why I was super excited to learn of this delivery service called Chops Away which serves oriental food. Unlike other joints which have over greasy food this doesn't and surprisingly the food tastes good at home even. They garuntee that they don't use MSG in their food too.

We had ;-

1)Songy Tom-which was a sweet and spicy Papaya salad

2)Burnt Garlic Mushrooms-spicy and earthy

3)Jado CHicken- Apparently the dish of the meal...Well spiced and tender

4) Red Thai curry- Velvety and humming with flavor.

5) Singapore Noodles- This one i liked a lot despite it being a dry vermicelli noodle with veggies but it had great flavor and wasn't heavy on the aromatics.

After going through the menu i have made a wishlist of what I wanna try next :

The Thai Basil Chilly Rice
Laksa Soup
Double Pan Noodle
Vegetable Scallion Cake
Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce

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