Friday, October 4, 2013

Review of Neel (restaurant week)

Restaurant Week is from 28th Sept to 3rd October. It features some of the most expensive restaurants all offering specially designed 3 course meals for the bargain price of Rs 1000 for lunch and Rs 1200 for dinners (exclusive of tax). This is valid in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. All you have to do is register on the website and attend.


At the Tote-Race Course the decor of the place recants Colonial times with its high ceilings and wooden furniture and big glass door windows.

Neel which serves Lucknowi and Kashmiri food is a food lovers paradise and I was very happy to come here for restaurant week. The menu for Restaurant Week was extensive and the portions generous. The food did not disappoint and makes one sit up and take notice. This was my best meal at Restaurant Week.


We had for starters:-

(1) Peshawari Sweet Potatoes- Slivers of Sweet potatoe cooked in a dry spice rub. Unusual

(2)Kesar Kubh Tikka-Less Kesar more Kumbh never the less this dish surprises with its flavor and the topping of strips of karela are marvelous

(3)Tandoori Chicken-Spicy and filling

(4)Sabzani Paneer Tikka-Instead of being the usual mint marinade or tandoori marinade-these chunks of paneer are flavored with dill. V Good!


(5)Jodhpuri Aloo-thick gravied baby potatoes topped with crunchy melon seeds

(6)Khade Masale ka Paneer-Coarsely ground spices in an thickened "ghatt" onion tomato gravy

(7)Lasooni Saag-5 leafy vegetables cooked in a preparation with a strong flavor of garlic.

(8)Khatta Meetha Baingan-Peanutty and sesame seeds paste form this amazing dish and give it its sweet and sour flavor.

(9)The breads(roomali/pudina parathe/bakhumas and naan)....A special shout out to the Bakhumas roti which was a fluffy sourdough bread grilled topped with poppy seeds....AMAZING

(10) There was a choice between a Spinach Dal, a dal tadka and a Dal Makhani. I have to say that Neel passes the Hungry Critic's Black Dal test with flyinggggg colours.

After eating so much we still dared to eat the dessert :-

(11)Rabdi Icecream
(12)Gulab Jamun
(14) Rasmali

They were all decadent and fabulous,,,,,

What I also loved about Neel was the attention to detail. There food of course used a variety of flavors,spices,textures and aromatics but so did there condiments. They had a variety of chutneys and pickles that weren't commercial and ordinary but instead were perfect partners to their food. They ended their meal with some keera goli/anardana and other assorted Mukhwas

Bravo and Hurray !Yes I clapped at the end of the meal



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