Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Review : Burma Burma

Burma Burma is one of those new restaurants (relatively new) that never seems to have place available. No one I know had ever eaten here but everyone whispers in awe that they've "heard" that the food is really good.Their phone lines for reservation are always busy and when they do answer they never have a spot open. I had almost given up the idea of going - deciding to write this place off as an urban legend.

But then magically on a windy Thurday night a friend and I managed to get the last available table - as walk ins. 

I liked the decor but in all honesty it's a tad noisy for my taste. Besides Khao Suey I've had no interaction with Burmese cuisine but because it's all vegetarian I was quite game for anything. The menu is quite extensive  and interesting - Samosa soup, Tea leaf  salad, Chickpea curry & Naan and a host of curries and stirfrys were just some of the interesting dishes on the menu..

 Their table sauces are really good - each one is different and isn't the generic type one eats in other places. Ranging from fiery ghost pepperesque spicy sauce to a sweet peanuty one they are pretty fabulous

I had :-

1) Sweet creamed corn with Paratha - A mildly spiced corn preparation with flaky parathas that seem to belong together.

2) Rice Dumplings - Roasted and flavored rice balls in a steel panyaram plate topped what appeared to be a raw papaya salad. The salad is crunchy and sharp contrast to the doughy consistency of the dumplings.

3)Khow Suey - it's the perfect dish. Great curry -nice noodles and just the right amount of veggies in this one bowl comfort with assorted crunchy toppings 

Overall the place is nice . The server on my table was a little annoying but the food was good and the cuisine and its flavors seem very familiar to the Indian pallate.

 We always assume in India that everything East of us is predominantly rice based but Burmese food seems have its wheat based breads and rice dishes also

Hopefully the heavens shall open again and allow me a chance to visit to try the other dishes soon. 

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