Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tasty Tuesday : Loco Chino

This tiny eatery is located in the fulcrum of the busiest road in South Mumbai and it is a task to stop and get of from the car. But once you do - you step into this clean tiny unassuming brightly lit cafe styled restaurant.

Loca Chino serves Mexican and Chinese food which in itself is a very unusual combination since the ingrediants of both cuisines don't lend itself into any similarity.

However, you don't get served any Hakka Burritos or retried bean dumplings thankfully, but instead there are two seperate menus.

We ordered :-

1) iced Tea which is amazing if you like sugar syrup but not if you wanna taste the tea.

2)Mushroom Dumpling: Order only if an ardent lover of Funghi. It comes with two dipping sauces that are nice enough. 

3)Crystal Dumpling : highly recommended on Zomato and equally disappointing in person. It was doughy and awful

4)Nachos: this actually tastes pretty good and has real guacamole and real sour cream. When we asked for some spicy salsa with it we got some very inedible sauce. But the nachos are very good and 
I would go into say one of the better ones you get in the city 

5)Chicken Burrito Bowl and Vegetable Burritio Bowl
If you have been to the American eatery Chipotle and liked their Burritos than you are totally in the right place. Authentic and yummy this has - Mexican rice, veggies/chicken ,salsa (habanero) , sour cream , guacamole and salad . This dish is healthy filling and fantastic 

The staff is helpful and there is a Burrito bar. The place is a no frills establishment and doesn't deliver at home.

To sum it up. I would just recommend you to  avoid the Chinese and gorge on the Mexican food which I'm pretty loco about now.

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